New Opportunity for Lung Cancer Patients & Families

(June 25, 2013)

Earlier this spring, the Food and Drug Administration announced lung cancer would be one of the diseases included in its new Patient Focused Drug Development Initiative (Initiative).  On June 28, FDA held a public meeting where people living with lung cancer, their patients and patient advocates could discuss the real life impacts of living with lung cancer on daily life. The goal is to have improved care and treatments for those who suffer from lung cancer.

Recognizing how important it is that FDA understand and hear the perspective of lung disease patients and their families, the American Lung Association launched a campaign to mobilize lung cancer patients, their families and patient advocates nationwide to ensure FDA hears their voices and perspectives. More information can be found on Starting on Monday, July 8, that page will also contain a link to a survey, which lung cancer patients and their families can complete. The data will be aggregated and the results shared with FDA.