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5 Tips to Get Through the Holidays without Smoking

(November 24, 2015)

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Maybe it's the travel, the celebrations or even stress, but for many, the holidays can be a hard time to stay smokefree. Although there's no "holiday magic" to make tobacco urges disappear, here are five simple tips to help you get through the holidays—and beyond—without smoking.

  1. Have a plan. If you usually have a cigarette after a big holiday meal, plan to take a walk or help with the dishes instead.
  2. Expect (and resist!) your urges. The urge to smoke will pass in three to five minutes whether you smoke or not. Remember the Four D's to get through an urge: Delay, Deep breathing, Drink water and Do something else.
  3. Change up your routine. If you tend to smoke while having a cocktail at a holiday party, think about sticking to nonalcoholic drinks this year. Or see if the party could take place at a smokefree venue.
  4. Remember, this too shall pass. A delayed flight or holiday traffic jam might make you wish for a smoke break. Those situations are stressful but you can get through them. Quitting smoking isn't easy but the longer you stay smokefree, the easier it becomes. Keep going and things will get better.
  5. Don't go it alone. Tell your friends and family that you're trying to quit smoking and ask for their support. The resources below can also provide the boost you need to quit smoking for good.

Do you find it easier to steer clear of tobacco with a little support? Or are you trying to help someone quit for good?  The American Lung Association, in collaboration with Pfizer, developed Quitter's Circle, an online social community and mobile app for people who want to quit smoking that not only provides tools and information, but also allows a circle of friends and family to lend support and encouragement.

The Lung Association also offers Freedom From Smoking®, the "gold standard" of tobacco cessation programs. Freedom From Smoking is offered in a group clinic setting or online, and can be accessed through our Lung HelpLine at 1-800-LUNG USA.  Freedom From Smoking will give you the knowledge and tools you need to break your addiction and quit smoking for good.

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