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Parents - Help Your Child Breathe Easier in 2015

(January 29, 2015)

A Group of ChildrenRaising a child with asthma can be a source of tremendous worry and anxiety. If your child's flare-ups seem frequent or unpredictable, there is help and hope to achieve better control of your son or daughter's asthma symptoms.

First, know that you're not alone. Asthma affects 6.8 million children nationwide. Most children develop their first asthma symptoms before they are five years old. Contrary to popular belief, asthma is a lifelong disease that does not go away as children move into their teen years and adulthood. Learning how to manage the disease early on in life can help minimize the number of missed school and work days that many with asthma experience.

Working closely with your family's healthcare provider is essential to identifying your child's unique asthma triggers. Once these triggers are identified, you can learn how to best avoid or minimize exposure to the things in your child's everyday environment that can cause serious breathing problems. Your healthcare provider can also be called upon to create an asthma action plan tailored to your child's unique needs. This plan, which should be reviewed and updated before the start of every school year, is an essential guide for parents and caregivers to navigate their child's daily asthma care needs.

Children with asthma can enjoy a healthy, active life, provided their disease is well managed. Parents may be the first line of defense in keeping their children healthy and safe. However, when a child has asthma, it takes a carefully assembled team to best keep asthma symptoms in check.

To help parents best navigate their child's specific asthma needs, the American Lung Association has developed a free and easy-to-follow toolkit that includes resources for gathering an effective support network and making the most of health care appointments.

Get started today, by downloading A Parent's Guide to Better Breathing. For personalized support, call the Lung Helpline at 1-800-LUNGUSA.

Essential Resources for Parents of
Children with Asthma

  1. The more you know about asthma, the healthier your child will be. Complete this FREE online course to learn more about asthma:
  2. Help your child learn more about asthma in a fun and interactive way. They can be the next Asthma Control Agent in the city of Lungtropolis:
  3. Build a strong support network:
  4. Give your child's teachers, coaches and caretakers a copy of their asthma action plan:
  5. Know your health insurance options and make sure your child gets covered:

If you have a resource you would like to see included in the library, please send it to for further consideration and review.

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