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Mission Moment - August 2015

(August 26, 2015)

Summer is almost over, but it was anything but “vacation-time” for the Lung Association. We were busy on all fronts in our fight for healthy air and healthy lungs. Here are some of the highlights from the past month, including an important healthy air announcement from the White House!White House Clean Power Plan

On August 3, we were honored to join President Barack Obama at the White House as he announced the final Clean Power Plan, to reduce carbon pollution from power plants. Representing the American Lung Association were our National President and CEO, Harold P. Wimmer and National Board Member Dr. Sumita Khatri (second from the right in the picture). To learn more, see this video from President Obama and this this video  from Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy, featuring Lung Association volunteer Laura Kellogg and her family.

The Clean Power Plan is the first ever federal rule to clean up carbon pollution from existing power plants. It has the added lifesaving benefit of also reducing other power plant pollutants that threaten lung health. The EPA estimates the Clean Power Plan will prevent 3,600 premature deaths; 90,000 asthma attacks; and 300,000 days of missed work or school. Want to learn how carbon pollution affects lung health? Here’s a short and fun video that makes it clear.

Our medical research delivers the hope of a longer, healthier life. We are proud to be currently funding more than $6.49 million in groundbreaking lung health research. We also expect to offer at least $6.5 million dollars in new grants in fiscal year 2017, including a new research award focused on lung cancer in women.

Are you involved in lung disease research? Applications are now available for American Lung Association funded research opportunities. Learn more about current and upcoming award opportunities, application deadlines and how to apply at Lung.org/grant-opportunities.

Think adults don't need vaccinations? Guess again. Many healthy adults age 50 and older think they no longer require immunizations—as a result, a significant number are not current on vaccinations that can help protect their health and prevent serious illnesses. August is National Immunization Awareness Month and the American Lung Association, in partnership with Pfizer, is working to help dispel the myth that vaccines are just for children. The risk of contracting potentially life-threatening respiratory infections, such as influenza and pneumococcal pneumonia, increases as you age and your immune system naturally weakens.  Get the whole story.

CVS Health has provided grants in 14 states to support local tobacco cessation outreach and programs. American Lung Association staff and volunteers have received training and are now reaching out to partner organizations to bring our Freedom From Smoking® program to their target populations with an emphasis on reaching historically underserved communities. The American Lung Association is grateful to CVS Health for funding this important work.

We are excited to announce our new partnership with Inspire. Inspire is a platform that hosts online patient communities in a safe, privacy-protected environment. We are supporting three online communities on Inspire: “Lung Cancer Survivors,” “Living with COPD” and “Living with Lung Disease.” These wonderful communities allow patients and caregivers to connect and offer each other support. The Inspire groups will replace our current support platform, the Lung Connection. Learn more about our partnership.

As we begin to send our children back to school this fall, we continue to provide encouragement and support for schools to become more asthma-friendly. As part of our CDC-funded project, we have many resources for school personnel:

  • A Stock Bronchodilator Model Policy that schools can adopt to improve access to life-saving medication during the school day and to prevent medical emergencies. The policy is available for school districts looking to improve their protocol and procedures to ensure access to back-up quick-relief medication for students with asthma.
  • The Student Readiness Assessment Tool is a free, interactive tool that designated school personnel and parents can use to help determine a child’s readiness to self-carry a quick-relief inhaler during the school day. Mobile-friendly and available in print format, the results can be printed so they can be shared with the student’s parents and asthma care provider. 
  • Asthma Basics is a free online course that offers an overview of asthma management that is helpful for teachers, coaches, school nurses and even parents. In this self-paced learning module, participants learn about asthma triggers, symptoms, steps to prevent an asthma episode and the actions to take to respond to a breathing emergency.

Know an asthma-friendly school?  Every year, the American Lung Association honors schools across the country that have safe and healthy learning environments by adopting asthma-friendly policies and practices.  We invite you to submit your school for national recognition for their efforts!

Everything we do is made possible because of our great supporters, like you! The lifesaving work of the American Lung Association is driven by an exceptional team of volunteers and staff across the country. We always have opportunities for those who share our passion for lung health to join in our work.

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