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Maggie Mahoney - 2015 Koop Award Winner

(June 2, 2015)

Maggie Mahoney- 2015 Koop Award Winner

The American Lung Association is pleased to announce that Maggie Mahoney, the Deputy Director of the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium, is the 2015 C. Everett Koop Unsung Hero Award winner. The award, which is presented annually by the American Lung Association and the C. Everett Koop Institute, recognizes Ms. Mahoney's outstanding contributions to tobacco control.

Ms. Mahoney has dedicated her career to using the law to promote the public good, including improving public health. Her colleagues recount the passion, knowledge and leadership she brings to the tobacco control movement, whether working on a local ordinance or an amicus (friend of the court) brief for a Supreme Court case.

The Tobacco Control Legal Consortium is a legal network for tobacco control policy that works to help communities with tobacco law issues. Ms. Mahoney provides strategic guidance on complex policy issues and legal technical assistance on matters ranging from smokefree and tobacco-free legislation, to the regulation of tobacco products. She has superior legal insight into public health, but also the ability to make difficult concepts easy to understand. Ms. Mahoney's 9 years of experience in tobacco control and the quality of legal guidance she gives make her and the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium an incredible asset to the tobacco control community nationwide.

Everyday Ms. Mahoney helps reduce the death and disease from tobacco use through her work in the public health field. She has helped prepare and file over 25 amicus briefs in key tobacco control cases. She has also made an impact on her colleagues. She is known for being patient in giving advice, while never seeking recognition. By encouraging open discussion, she builds coalitions rather than imposing her view point on others. Since Ms. Mahoney became Deputy Director, the Tobacco Control Legal Consortium's capacity to provide help to those in the tobacco control world has more than tripled and the Consortium's type of assistance has also grown.

The American Lung Association and the C. Everett Koop Institute are proud to recognize Maggie Mahoney's significant contributions to tobacco control by honoring her with the 2015 American Lung Association's and C. Everett Koop Institute's C. Everett Koop Unsung Hero Award.

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