EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Joins Roundtable Discussion on Climate Change and Health with Lung Association, Health Leaders | American Lung Association

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy Joins Roundtable Discussion on Climate Change and Health with Lung Association, Health Leaders

(April 10, 2015) -

CHICAGO - In honor of National Public Health Week, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy met today with representatives from the American Lung Association and other leading health and medical groups to discuss the impacts of air pollution and climate change on public health.

"We see first-hand the toll air pollution can take on the health of the American people," said American Lung Association National President and CEO Harold P. Wimmer. "Today we had a special opportunity to engage in dialogue with Administrator McCarthy about protecting public health and the important steps EPA is taking to reduce air pollution and address climate change."

"The health leaders gathered today collectively work to improve the health of millions in Chicago and across the nation," added Wimmer. "We highlighted the critical role of a healthy environment in preventing disease."

"Climate change supercharges risks to our health which is why combating climate change is a public health solution that will leave a healthier planet for future generations," said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. "That's why we're taking important action to reduce carbon pollution that fuels climate change through our Clean Power Plan."

The roundtable included national and Chicago-based health leaders as well as individuals personally impacted by air pollution and climate change. The group discussed the recent announcement from the Obama Administration on a series of events and activities to help the public better understand the health impacts of climate change on communities across the country.

"Climate change is real, and the time to act is now. We need to move swiftly and boldly to protect our health and our communities from the dangerous impacts of carbon pollution and climate change - especially the health of our most vulnerable populations, children, seniors and people with chronic diseases like asthma," Wimmer said. "In partnership with other health leaders, we will continue to advocate for measures to reduce carbon pollution and the effects of climate change."

Learn more about the American Lung Association's work to support healthy air and steps to reduce climate change at FightingForAir.org. For media interested in speaking with an expert about lung health, air pollution and climate change, contact media@lung.org or 312-801-7628.

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