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Lung Association Responds to Clean Power Plan Health Benefits Announced by White House

(August 2, 2015) - Washington, D.C.

In response to new White House factsheet that estimates the health benefits from the U.S. EPA's final Clean Power Plan, Harold P. Wimmer, National President and CEO of the American Lung Association, made the following statement:

"Breathing is essential to life. To protect the lung health of millions of Americans, we must address the dangers of climate change and significantly cut carbon pollution. Children, the elderly and people with lung diseases including asthma face some of the greatest risks, including from ozone and soot that climate change makes worse.

"Newly released estimates of the health benefits of the Clean Power Plan show that it will directly save lives, preventing up to 3,600 premature deaths in 2030, as well as preventing 90,000 asthma attacks and avoiding 300,000 days missed at work and school by removing dangerous pollution from the air we breathe. The final plan, as described, reflects the progress we as a nation are making to reduce pollution from power plants and marks a tremendous step forward in the fight against climate change. The American Lung Association will work with states to maximize the immediate health benefits from power plant cleanup."

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