American Lung Association Health Partners

What do IQAir, Lowe’s, and ProTeam have in common? They are all members of the American Lung Association Health Partners program.

Since 1904, the American Lung Association has been working in thousands of communities to ensure that everyone can breathe easier. We have diligently built our reputation as America’s first source for lung health information.

To extend our reach, the American Lung Association created a nationwide Health Partner licensing program. In conjunction with corporate partners who share similar goals and credibility, the American Lung Association Health Partners have earned the right to display the Health Partner logo on goods and services that address the everyday concerns of virtually all.

Health Partners like IQAir, Lowe’s, and ProTeam help the American Lung fulfill our mission through their financial support and educational efforts. Many of our partners extend the program through supportive efforts that include educational materials and their participation in community events that provide consumers with the latest and clearest information on issues related to respiratory health.