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  1. Yoga, Tai Chi and Your Lungs: The Benefits of Breathing through Exercise
    (Web Page; Wed Sep 27 24:00:00 CDT 2017)
    Description: There are countless health benefits of physical activity and exercise. But for those who live with a lung disease, engaging in a typical workout can be difficult, and without the guidance of a health professional may even be unsafe.
  2. Why Schools Should Stock Asthma Inhalers
    (Web Page; Thu Sep 21 24:00:00 CDT 2017)
    Description: For many children with asthma, flare-ups happen while at school. A quick-relief inhaler can reverse asthma symptoms, but what if the student forgets their inhaler at home and a parent is unable to retrieve it?
  3. A Chance to 'Be Rachel' Again. My Pulmonary Fibrosis Story
    (Web Page; Mon Sep 11 24:00:00 CDT 2017)
    Description: At the age of 4, I was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. My parents and I were told that this disease generally presents itself in either of two forms: one that attacks primarily the joints or a systemic version that attacks the internal organs.
  4. What Goes in an Asthma or COPD Travel Pack?
    (Web Page; Fri Sep 8 24:00:00 CDT 2017)
    Description: An Asthma or COPD Travel Pack can help ensure you have all of the medicines and instructions you need in one, easily accessible place when you leave home. See what you should include.
  5. When Breath Becomes Air: A Review
    (Web Page; Tue Sep 5 24:00:00 CDT 2017)
    Description: I heard about Paul Kalanithi's book, When Breath Becomes Air, long before I actually read it. I knew that Bill Gates and Anne Patchett both raved about it, that it spent 51 weeks on the bestseller list and was a 2017 Pulitzer Prize Finalist, but I was hesitant to read the memoir about a brain surgeon who was diagnosed with lung cancer because I didn't think I could relate to it.
  6. Highway Air Pollution and Your Health: Six Things You Need To Know
    (Web Page; Thu Aug 31 24:00:00 CDT 2017)
    Description: Labor Day weekend is a prime time for vacations, which means many people will be traveling by car in the coming days. While everyone loves a good road trip, pollution near highways can have serious health impacts, both immediately and in the long term.
  7. Our Favorite Facts About Animal Lungs
    (Web Page; Thu Aug 24 24:00:00 CDT 2017)
    Description: We all know the basics of how our lungs work . We breathe in, filling both of our lungs with fresh air rich in oxygen that fuels our body before exhaling air and waste carbon dioxide. But in the animal kingdom, lungs come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  8. Making the Most of Your Asthma Medicines
    (Web Page; Tue Aug 22 24:00:00 CDT 2017)
    Description: Nearly 26 million Americans are living with asthma, and you might be surprised to learn that of those, 19 million are adults.
  9. Making Dents in Lung Cancer Discoveries
    (Web Page; Fri Aug 18 24:00:00 CDT 2017)
    Description: Mark M. Fuster, M.D., is a pulmonary disease specialist in San Diego and has worked in the field of lung disease for more than 15 years.
  10. Healthcare-associated Legionnaires' Disease a Concern for U.S. Patients
    (Web Page; Tue Aug 8 24:00:00 CDT 2017)
    Description: Legionnaires’ disease, a serious type of pneumonia, is a risk in healthcare facilities across the U.S. Unfortunately, the health conditions that cause many people to seek treatment in long-term care facilities and hospitals can also put them at greater risk of getting sick and dying from this lung infection.
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